The funny things they say…

So, I laid down with Riley last night and, like usual, he asked me to tell a story (about him).  He loves to hear about when I met him, when I picked him up, etc.  This time he asked to hear about the plane ride home with him. 

I try and avoid the stories at the end of the day because he will just rev and rev himself up and then won’t go to sleep but I started whispering the story about him being a small baby and how I carried him on the plane and how he slept on my chest as we flew over the ocean. 

Matthew was really quiet but then he started asking questions (as he usually does) and out of the blue he asked the following?

“when a baby is born does the daddy sometimes get to cut the wire?”  It took me a few seconds but then I asked him if he meant the umbilical cord and yes.  What brought that to his mind, well…I don’t know.

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