OK folks…this is little league, not the MAJORS

So, there were several issues yesterday during our game.  

The other coach felt he had to keep track of things for both of our teams.  First of all, he “pointed” out that Matthew had sat out of the first 2 innings and needed to be put into the field.  So he went out into the field for the next 3 innings – no problem. 

In the bottom of the 6th, we scored 5 runs to go ahead 7-5.   When our team went out into the field, he again noticed that Matthew was sitting and so…again made a fuss and Matthew was sent out to the field.  Apparently no one is supposed to sit out more than 2 innings until everyone has sat out 2 innings. 

After our shortstop got hit on the elbow and there was a switch made, one of the coaches told Matthew and another kid in the outfield to switch.  Then the coach threw a huge fit!  He went into his dugout to get the rule book and when he couldn’t find it, he allowed them to continue to play.  Ultimately they scored 3 runs and won the game. 

Today he sent an email to the coach and to the commissioner complaining that our coach “cheated” .  The coach called me to talk to me about it – I’m not sure what I am supposed to do but…really folks…

First of all, Matthew is a little gun shy after being hit in the nose and getting a bloody nose at a practice 2 weeks ago.  He is content to sit out or to go in!  Honestly, I think our coach is guilty of being disorganized and not great at motivating the kids or including them but…I don’t think he kept Matthew out so that we could “win” (which I think is the only motivation to cheat) – God knows that we haven’t won a single game so his plan isn’t working if that is it!  He said as much on the phone about another child being less engaged than Matthew. 

And let’s remember that these are 7 & 8 year olds.  I’m sorry that Matthew had to be innocently involved in both of these incidents and luckily he (and Riley) don’t understand any of this.  One of the reasons I didn’t do baseball before is because I hate that people become so serious about it – even at these young ages.  UGH!

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