Nothing much to add…

We are just kind of keeping up with things.  School is winding down and the school system is apparently ready for summer cuz there is not much coming home.  This week Matthew’s teacher apparently was out the whole week.  So, he got no homework or words.  oh and the way I knew she was gone was because he told me – on Monday.  I didn’t believe him (cuz…well, he isn’t usually aware about things like that).  When nothing came home on Tuesday I asked him if she was in that day and he said “no, I told you she isn’t going to be in the whole week”.  He kept talking about having a pizza party on Thursday so I asked him about it and he said…”no, we’re having it tomorrow” and on Friday I asked and he told me they had it in “Mrs. Muse’s class”. 

We were supposed to have baseball practice every night but it got cancelled for one reason or another until Friday.  By the time we got home after that it was 8:30 and the kids stayed up watching “The Tooth Fairy” until 10:30. 

They were all up by 7 (I stayed in bed till 7:30 until the fighting was too much) and now we are decluttering until the baseball game at 12:30.  We have lost all of our games so far and I don’t have a lot of hope for today but we’ll see.

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