Mother’s Day…

Those schools really know how to get the kids to cut right through to the heart don’t they?

Matthew brought home a poem that he wrote about me.  It is titled “She is my Mother” and is a bunch of lines where he fills in the blanks.  Here are a few of the heart breaking answers…

She is my mother

She wonders about me

She wants to see me

She worries about me

She dreams about me

She is my mother.

She is my mother.

She says I love you

She tries working

She hopes I am okay

She cries because I do something wrong

She is my mother and I love her.

And from Riley…well, the theme is all about what I do for him…

My mom makes the best luzana.

The funniest thing I remember about my Mom is …she makes funny faces.

My Mom looks the prettiest when…she puts her make up on.

My Mom loves me best when… I ack good at home.

The most special gift I could give my Mom would be… a new crockpot

And if that wasn’t bad enough…

The top 10 reasons I love my Mom!!!

10.  she lets me drink soda

9. she takes me to baseball practice and games

8. she takes me on vaacation

7. hes helps me with homework

6.  she plays around with me

5.  when she helps me get the Christmas tree down

4. I’m her son

3.  The way my mom is

2.  who she is

1.  I’m nice to her.

 Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms and moms-to-be.

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