It was a fairly uneventful weekend.  We had the baseball game yesterday morning and after it we went out to lunch with Wendy and Pat.  It got up to the mid-90’s in the afternoon and the kids went out and played basketball for a while after dinner and then I took them to eat ice cream.  Even Matthew who said he didn’t want ice cream ate his whole bowl. 

Money continues to be a big stressor these days.  I had hoped to use my tax refund to (finally) pay off some bills from Addi’s adoption 2 years ago.  With a bonus I was going to get this summer, I was actually thinking that I would be able to start saving for some repairs/renovations for the house.  But, alas, it looks like it will be another year…

…This morning it was still 81 degrees in the house – ugh!  Last year when the air conditioner conked out they filled it with freon but said I needed to replace it at some time.  A few weeks ago when a heat wave hit, it again didn’t work and I had them come and fill it with freon again.  

I am getting a quote for a new heating/airconditioner unit on Wednesday morning.  It is limping …keeping the house about 80 even though it is set for 74.  The good news it is going to cool off a little this week and into next weekend.  I was hoping I wouldn’t have to replace the machine until July – but now it looks like I will have to dip into my emergency fund/savings (what little there is). 

I spent part of the morning trying a couple of different recipes and cleaning up the downstairs.  The kids refused to stay outside so I banished them up to their rooms – lest they have to help me clean.  By lunchtime I had a couple of rooms swept and floor washed and the counters cleaned off. 

Logan was not happy about taking a nap and kept Addison awake.   Later this afternoon, Matthew comes running down saying that there is a hole in Logan’s wall – turns out she has been slamming her door open and the door knob has gone through the drywall.  Then, as I am inspecting that…I notice that she has – again – written all over her wall by her bed.  So now I have “mr clean erasers” and dry wall patches on the supply list.  UGH.  This is one of those times I wish I had a man living here too. 

On a lighter side – I finally replaced some of the light bulbs that have blown out around the house – like months ago.  I replaced the two bulbs at the front door sconces and Riley kept asking me if I wanted him to shut them off!  I was like…”um, no…we’re supposed to keep those on at night – just because we haven’t had light at our front door for over a year doesn’t mean it isn’t supposed to be light!”

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  1. Oh, my, I can empathize. Marcie worked 2 Mr. Clean dry erasers down to scraps after writing on her wall once. She never did it again (or else she has it hidden). I’m sorry about your AC. Seems like there’s always something, isn’t there?


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