Totally get it…

A friend of mine posted on Facebook the following…

almost every piece of clothing we have is clean, except what we’re wearing. Now to break it to the fam that they’re wearing what they have on for like 2 weeks…

the first comment was “why is this?”  which i found hilarious because I can totally relate. 

I am in a similar predicament.  I have all of the laundry done except for what the kids and I have on.  Almost every piece of winter clothes are put into spacebags and most of the summer stuff is out.  And let me tell you that the 2 large buckets of girls clothes apparently aren’t enough!  I have two buckets that are out to be sorted and Addision “really” wants to go through them but I don’t have the energy to do it tish weekend. 

Keeping up with laundry is tough and with two baseball games a week and 1 uniform…well, it is forcing me to do it more than ever.  And, just to add…it isn’t doing the laundry that is the problem …it’s the folding!

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