Put another one in…

…the loss colum.  The Iron Pigs had their 3rd game of the season today.  It was touch and go this morning as they were calling for rain all day and I thought it might be cancelled.  

Plus, we had our second practice of the week last night from 6 – 8:30 and I got to the daycare at 5:56 pm to pick them up after having had to leave work to pick Matthew up from school to take him to the Pediatrician for a pre-op for his eye surgery next week and then rushing back to see 7 new patients, 2 re-consults and 4 old patients.  (don’t think I was too stressed do you?)

After practice we went out to eat.  They were bickering so badly I almost went home but when the food got on the table and their plates they were so quiet for 5 minutes I almost laughed out loud!

At home we watched a movie and the two boys and I finally went to bed at 10:30.  I had trouble sleeping and so go up between 2 and 4:30 and watched a little TV and did some work.  When I got upstairs to (finally) go to bed, I found Addison in my bed …and …you guessed it…she had peed in my spot!  I finally had to get up at 6:00. 

I rushed to work to to see patients all the while looking outside, checking my email and (kinda) hoping for rain. 

Matthew has been a little anxious about playing ever since he got hit by a foul ball that bounced up at him. (Plus the coach is a little too anxious about winning- and so last weekend he didn’t play matthew for the first 4.5 innings.  so, when he told him to go in for the bottom of the 5th, he was sufficiently bored and unengaged that he said he didn’t want to play – and the coach said…”well, if he doesn’t want to play we shouldn’t make him!”).  

Yesterday at practice, the assistant coach had worked with him and Matthew had gotten some good practice in hitting and actually seemed to listen a little so I was hopeful that he would feel like playing today.  (Also, our star player was out so I thought he would play almost all of the game – if not all of it cuz we would only have 10 players!)  Turns out there were 11 players and Matthew ran out there to be assigned a position – but was told to sit down (ugh!). 

So, in this league everyone has to bat in order so in the 2nd inning he got up to bat – and while it wasn’t pretty he actually fouled two pitches before striking out.  All of the other kids high fived him (in this league, connecting with the ball is a major accomplishment – well at least on our team!). 

After that the inning ended and the coach sent Matthew out to left field.  He was a little pissy going out but ended up fielding two balls really well and hitting the cut-off in the infield both times with his throw.  Let’s just say that he was not responsible for the 14 runs on errors that the other team got.  After that, he played the rest of the game and had the opportunity to field 3 more balls (2 fouls and 1 fair) and did great everytime. 

Riley was in center field the whole game.  He had only one ball that came to him and he did a good job of getting it back.  His big fun came at his at bats.  First at bat he struck out …but after hitting a foul ball that landed right outside the right field line (about half way between 1st base and the fence)…it was a whopper!  After that the other coach pushed all of his outfielders back.  It was a sweet revenge because this was the team of the kid who hurt Riley’s feelings at try outs.  His second at bat was the bottom of the 5th.  He was first up and hit a line drive …(will you think me too awful if I got a LOT of pleasure out of this)…directly at the kid who hurt his feelings who was playing pitcher.  He easily got to first base and …through a series of errors…got to third.  “A triple” – (in your face!)  He ultimately crossed home to bring the 2nd run for our team before the end of the inning.

So, both boys had fun despite the 14 – 2 loss.  I had a good time watching them have some successes (even if they were small ones!)

In annoying habit #2, the coach told the kids in the huddle at the end of the game that we would be having two practices this week (in addition to the game on Thursday) – it would be nice for him to tell the parents as well.

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  1. Good for Riley and Matthew! I’m glad they are having fun. In your face, to the kid who hurt Riley’s feelings.


  2. Way to go, Matthew and Riley! I’m proud of you! I wish I had been there!


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