Everything old is new again…

My kids have found some new favorite TV shows.  Matthew has been excited that he can almost control the “on-demand” function on the cable.  He has struggled with Riley being able to read but we recently found some categories of shows he liked which had words he could read (Kids, Kids WB) and finally “Tom” (of Tom and Jerry). 

We have watched every episode on the TV and the kids sit there and laugh out loud like it is the funniest thing they have ever seen. 

A testimony to how good it is – well, several times last week Riley picked one of the Tom and Jerry episodes instead of “suite life of zack and cody”!  Here’s hoping there are more episodes to be released on-demand!

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  1. I came across some old Tom and Jerry on tv not long ago and laughed out loud myself… it’s classic cartoon comedy! So fun that they’ve discovered it. 🙂


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