2nd game of the season.  Loss…0-8…

The boys were not hitting and that was the difference between this game and the last one.  Lots of errors but when we scored 11 runs last game it made up for it.

I got the boys to the field for their pictures at 9:30 and then we ran to Lowes to get a couple of things I needed for house up keep.

Let’s just say that the upstairs has been pretty dark for about a month!

Then back for the game.  I sat down during the first 2 innings and wrote out the fundraiser tally and collected the tickets and money from the parents.  The directions I received was that the last day to collect the money was 4/17/10 and then the team moms were to give the envelope to the coach who would turn it in next week.  At the end of the game I handed the envelope to the coach.  He tried to get me to take it back so I could turn it in.  I said, um NO…you need to sign it and I don’t have any idea where to turn it in. 

Besides you have to track down the two deadbeats who didn’t turn it in participate.

I now have all of the fundraising and snack/concession assignments sent out.  I’m done being team mom!

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