Opening Ceremonies

Tonight they had the opening ceremonies for the boys’ Little League program.  1000 boys and girls aged 5 – 17 who are all getting together to play baseball. 

In addition, they had a huge carnival with about 8 blow up play things and a huge bake sale (cake walk) and complete with carnival games; a pitch, hit and run contest. 

I had to work in the concession stand between 4 and 6.  I brought the boys with me and they were great.  I had asked them to stay together but eventually they split up.  At about 5, there was a juggler and Matthew positioned himself in front and sat and watched it for the entire time. 

Riley went back and forth doing carnival games and trying to win diet cokes.  Once I finished, we went to the opening ceremonies and then we went around doing some of the bounce arounds.  Tomorrow is picture day and we have a game at 11 am. 

I am looking forward to having a relaxing weekend when we finally get home from the game.

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