What is with people?

Okay, somehow I got suckered into being the “team mom” for the boys baseball team.  I know I often overcompensate for these things because I want to make sure that Matthew can safely participate in things. 

It has been an enormous pain in my …um…butt!  First of all, the coach didn’t “ask” me until after the rest of the league “moms” had an organizational meeting during which they reviewed all of the things that needed to be done.  I have been 2 steps behind the entire time and …well…what they say about baseball parents is true!  Everyday I get an email (or two) that tells me some fundraiser, uniform order, picture schedule, 3 cake per team requirement for the opening ceremony Carnival. 

This week is the last straw.  I never got a schedule of when each of the teams is expected to staff the concession stand.  I finally called the woman in charge who (I had called 2 weeks prior and who had told me she would email me and didn’t) told me that they must not have had my email address cuz I was late in being identified! (NSS). 

So, early Saturday am I got up and made the schedule up for concessions, snacks and other needs.  Immediately, 2 of the mothers emailed to say that they could not do their assignments.  I had put in the email that they had to find their own replacements.  But, somehow it was my responsibility.  Of course, no one responded to switch with either of them. 

I arranged for a babysitter for the girls for Friday night and told them that I would do their concession shifts.  One of them had the nerve to try and tell me about how she had to take care of her kids and couldn’t do things at that time of day.  I was less than polite.  Said…”um yeah, I just said I hired a babysitter that I have to pay for” so I can do it for you.  there was no thank you …no I’m sorry.  UGH! 

Tonight another one of the people scheduled for Friday sent me an email to say that she just found out about a work meeting that she had to be at and “she hated to put me out but she couldn’t do it!”  I responded…well, I can’t be two people.  I’m already taking time off of work and paying for a babysitter to do both hours cuz no one will do it!  I’ll send an email out to the team.

(At least she offered to give me money for the 3 cakes that I have to buy cuz I didn’t know to assign them to people!)

After Saturday I am done.  No more organizing for me!

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  1. I agree, what is it with people?!!! Somehow I have avoided being team mom but I know that day is coming!


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