Spring break

Friday started spring break.  I wish I had been able to arrange to go away but with finances being more important, we are going to stay home…do a few day trips and I will work 3 days.  Still, the kids are excited.

Today we are heading to baseball practice at 11 am and then we will get in the car to drive to Winchester VA which is about 2 – 21/2 hours away to meet up with Jean’s family.  For the kids it is a double excitement.  We love Jean’s kids and family and spending time with them and…we get to stay in a hotel (and mom had the forethought to get one with an indoor pool – which is really the only reason you stay in a hotel!).  It is a little bit of a drive for a short trip but we’re all about making memories!

Later in the week we are staying at Great Wolf Lodge for a night (and they have a whole in-door water park!!).  Other things on the list are spending some time at the batting cages with the ball machine. 

Got a lot of things to get going before we leave…pack…get the team mom stuff done…lunch…(cuz I don’t want to buy lunch and dinner tonight).

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