Two wheeler!!!

When I went through this 2 years ago with the boys, I didn’t think I would make it…especially Matthew who really got frustrated at not being able to balance.

The last few weeks we have been riding bikes a little and Logan is definitely near the stage that she needs to stop relying on training wheels (it might be that the training wheels are nearly 4 years old and hanging on by a thread!)…but she is totally leaning to one side and the wheels are going to break off and then we won’t be able to do anything.

I also read somewhere that the longer you let them use training wheels, the harder it is for them to make the transition and they use these non-pedal bikes to get kids to get used to the balancing part. 

So yesterday we took off the trainers on the 12″ princess bike and Logan’s bike.  Let’s just say there are no signs of her getting it.  (and me yelling just keep pedaling …well that doesn’t seem to work!)

This morning she convinced Riley to take her out and after 5 minutes they came in saying…

“Mom, we have figured out what the problem is…Logan just doesn’t have her balance on the two wheeler!”  “You need to put her training wheels back on!”

(Thank you, all that time running and holding her up yesterday and I didn’t figure that out!)

So, anyone have any foolproof ideas about teaching how to ride a two wheeler?


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