Saturday morning…

and I have a new more profound respect for my mother. 

Maybe i was just too young to remember…

and  don’t think for a minute that I am not hoping that my kids won’t be able to remember either…

…but she seemed to have it together with 7 kids in the house.  I don’t remember every morning being a crazy mess trying to get everyone dressed and ready…

Last night and today I am babysitting for a friends three kids aged 9, 6 & 5 while she and her 7 year old go to a dance competition.  The kids have been playing well together… for the most part…but the near constant process of having one complaining or two arguing over who is going to play with a certain toy or choosing something different for breakfast/lunch or dinner…well, it is a lot.  .

The sun is out and they have gone out into the back yard a few times but keep coming back in because it got cold overnight and it is still only in the 40’s.  Hopefully as it warms up a little we can all go to the park to play.

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  1. My kids had a great time….thanks! I’m sorry it was so crazy at times. I sure hope you rested well Saturday night. My kids fell asleep in the car on the way home (except Marcie who was still wired up). On Sunday, every time we were in the car, Joanna fell asleep…so, it was early bedtime Sunday night. Charlie was the only one who woke up with the storms. Hope you fared just as well!


  2. My kids really did have a good time. All fell asleep pretty easily Saturday night and Sunday night.


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