It’s been a while since

…I had 2 baby showers in one weekend.  Most of my friends had their kids before I did and as a consequence, I haven’t had many of these type of parties for a couple of years…(and I really haven’t missed them!)

As you may or may not know, women tend to do weird little bonding things at these parties…games that are designed to embarass the mother to be give some advice to the mother to be.

(well, there was my sister-in-law’s shower over 2 years ago for the twins…where we were tied together by yarn and were supposed to wear a piece of the string around our wrists until the babies were born and there was this all female acapella band who came and sang some “mother earth” songs to get us in the mood…and we went around the room saying our names in the “female bonding way”…I’m Suzanne, daughter of Anna, sister to Denise, Teresa and Jean, mother to Logan and Addison)  – a little out there for me!)

So, this will be interesting.  The first one is for the administrator for my Department at work.  She is having a girl.  The other is for my wonderful-couldn’t live without – administrative assistant/saving grace/grant coordinator, Lydia.  She is having a boy. 

Here’s part of what they will be getting.  I think they are cute, cute, cute!

Can you guess which one is for which?

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  1. very cute!!! nice job! glad they were fun!


  2. Thank you so much for coming! Bryan was disappointed he wasn’t here to play with the boys. Maybe if we can get our acts together he can take them to the batting cage or to play catch one day this spring!


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