I’m totally out of my league…

Yup, baseball is going to kick my butt…in almost every way possible!

Latest dilemma…the “cup” (or the cup – whispered as Riley says it).  It dawned on me on Monday that there was something I was missing in the equipment department (pun intended). 

I called the fountain of all motherhood questions – my sister Jean.  She’s raised a boy thru to college – so she must know the answers…so I said,  “um, so I was thinking, when do boys need to start wearing a cup?” and she’s like “whenever they start playing contact sports!” – and “you better watch out the coach may just hit them there with the bat to make sure they have one on!” –

oh great!

So today we went to Target to buy them.  Luckily we had rain over the night and our 9 am practice was cancelled so we had time.  He was all excited to try on the baseball pants and to try it on!  He went into the bathroom and came back immediately and said it gave him a wedgie and hurt in the front.  So I tried to adjust it (while it was off ) but now he’s having nothing to do with it.

“and I’m not going to wear it tomorrow to practice!”

Matthew put his on and wore it for a total of 5 minutes and wanted to know  if Riley had his on?

“how come I have to wear it if Riley doesn’t?”

Yes indeed, I am trying to be patient but I think one “hit will convince them.

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  1. I’ll ask Bryan about kids playing, but he has told me before that they’re only really necessary if you’re playing in the infield… so maybe they’ll be alright without ’em??


  2. Maybe you can tell them it’s a sign of manhood. 🙂


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