and the living is easy!  Finally had a Friday night off.  No cubscouts…no basketball…no plans.  Got home and ate left over ziti and meatballs and I made a chocolate cake for the kids for dessert. 

Things got a little worse as the night wore on.  We started out watching a movie and by the time it was over, Addison had gone to bed and the other 3 were up and tired but unwilling to settle down.  I finally got everyone in bed and fell asleep.

This morning the girls woke up and started getting changed around 7 am.  I finally got out of bed at 7:15 and sat down at the MOUNDS and MOUNDS and MOUNDS of laundry that had piled up in the last week and a half – at least they were clean!  It took me about an hour to fold everything and get the kids to put it away. 

We had eaten all of the frozen waffles so this was the biggest item on the agenda.  I made a combination of waffles and pancakes to take less time and have about 1 week worth freezing now.  I finally sat down to eat breakfast around 8:30 and we cleaned up a little before heading out to the basketball game.

It was Riley and Matthew’s last game of the season.  They both did a great job. 

After basketball we went to COSTCO – 1 1/2 hours later (and a little bit of my sanity [and $165] gone) we left and got home.  After naps and snack, Riley harassed me enough to fix the chain on his bike (LOL)!  and afterward, we all got on our bikes and rode to the park down the street.  It was a little cold, but the sun was shining and we got home  in time to put dinner on. 

Hopefully I can get them in bed early tonight.  Tomorrow we have a birthday party and the adventure of buying baseball mitts for the two boys.  Keep me in your prayers – the boys are playing baseball this spring.

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