7 years ago…

…Tomorrow at 10. 

I became a mother.

An 18 month old ball of energy was handed to me. 

I dressed him in a snowsuit and boots that were 3 sizes too big (but it slowed him down). 

He wriggled and fussed and refused a bottle as he gazed wide eyed out the car windows as we rushed down the road.

Until we got to our next stop – where we picked up a 9 month old cuddle bug…

…and brought them to the airport for the ride home.

Tomorrow at 10…

7 years ago.

…I became whole.

All I had accomplished – had been proud of –

…before …paled in comparison.

7 years ago…

Tomorrow at 10…

I am amazed.

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6 replies

  1. Sue, Beautifully put. You are a wonderful mother. Denise


  2. Ahh! Crying. Beautiful post. Happy Momiversary!!!


  3. Sue, I always thought you were an amazing woman. So smart, so full of energy. And when I learned you became a mom four times over…I became even more impressed. You’ve so much to be proud of. Happy momiversary indeed!


  4. I can’t believe it…I became a mother on Feb. 25 (at 11:30 AM) in Rostov as well…two years ago. And you were our first visitor on that day, having dinner with us in the hotel!

    Matthew, Riley and Anna have the same GOTCHA day. I never realized that.

    Enjoy your anniversary,
    Anne Marie and Anna


  5. You’re truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I think the world of you.


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