My sweetheart…

Riley has become a sweetheart lately…thoughtful…helpful…(okay, still has his moments like this morning when he was throwing Lucky Charms across the table at Matthew) but…

On Tuesday as I picked them up from daycare he asked if we could go home and pick up our snow shovel and then go to his school to shovel out the Bus Loop.  It seems that the door to the gym on the bus loop can’t be opened because there is too much snow piled up in front of it.  We had a long discussion about it and I said that I wasn’t sure it would be okay with the school for us to go there and shovel their walk and that we had a lot of things to do that night.  He was pretty insistent and finally I said that if he asked on Wednesday and they said okay, we would do it Wednesday afternoon.

Well, I forgot completely about it and got to the daycare about 5:55 pm.  As I rushed them out of the daycare and into the car, he reminded me about my promise.  So, with a tired sigh and 3 other hungry kids in the car, we ran by the house – grabbed the shovel – and went to the school. 

He was so cute trying to break up the big piles of ice…After about 25 minutes we stopped – but with a promise that we would go back today after school to finish it up!

He is so sweet and wanting to help out others.  I almost cried!

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  1. Oh My! This is hard to believe– what a special little guy you have! Blessings!


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