Today we woke to a “Richmond” brand of snowstorm (snow falling, dusting on the ground and sun coming up to melt it!). 

I had to go into work so we headed out and stopped at Krispy Kreme for doughnuts – our tradition when I bring the kids to the daycare at VCU on the weekends.  I dropped them off and then went to the hospital to see patients and to my office to try and do some paperwork.  But, it was short lived and then I had to go back to pick up the boys for basketball.

The boys were really good today.  All of the kids loved playing and they all did good.  Matthew was playing great defense and actually got several rebounds and had a few shots. 

Riley looks like he has grown 5 inches during the season.  He looked like he could have dunked the ball a couple times his hands were so close to the basket when he threw the ball!

I made a batch of spaghetti sauce last weekend and so I pulled some out for dinner tonight and made rigatoni.  The kids love spaghetti but Logan has a problem with anything except the long thin kind of pasta.  So, she went from – “oooh spaghetti” to “I hate this kind” in 2 seconds flat.  I put a few noodles on her plate and told her she needed to eat it.  Meanwhile the other 3 started eating and were oohing and aahing!  I looked across the table and Logan was licking her plate!  She had 3 servings of it!  Matthew ate a plateful and then asked if we could have the rest tomorrow!  So, I think the sauce was a hit!

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