What birthday are you celebrating?

Addison has been confused since December about this “birthday” thing.  All of December she was asking me questions about Santa and kept asking if he was going to “bring her a baby doll for her birthday?”  I would explain that Santa would give her a present but it was for Christmas not her birthday.  Then, we had her birthday last weekend. 

So, now she thinks every party is for her.  today while driving to the daycare we were talking about the Valentine’s Day Party they would be having in her class and she said…

“Mom, is today my Chocolate birthday?”

I almost went off the road.  And I couldn’t even blame it on the snow today – since it was the first time in what seems like a month that we haven’t had a snow storm! 

So, I’ve officially decided to celebrate my chocolate birthday on Sunday.  Anyone want to join in?

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3 replies

  1. Yum! I like to celebrate my chocolate birthday everyday! But, I’ll celebrate it a little harder on Sunday! 🙂


  2. We will be celebrating on Sunday and have our choice of events: Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year and the second anniversary of Anna’s adoption! It would be nice to add Chocolate birthday although I may save that holiday for another day!


  3. Very funny story, Sue!


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