Officially done with snow…

So, after our second large snowfall in as many weekends, school was cancelled on Monday.  On Tuesday the kids finally went back to school.   The weather forecast was for a wintery mix of sleet, snow and rain and I must have checked the school delays and closings about 10 times but the buses were running.   The roads were mostly clear and there was a lot of melting that went on during the day…the whole afternoon went by before it finally started rain/sleet around 5PM.  then, over the evening it turned to pretty heavy rain and by 9PM it has stopped.  I got up at 5:30 and the schools were on.  By the time I got the kids up and eating breakfast, it started to snow…Still, school was on…At 6:30 I looked out and there was about 1 1/2 inches of snow covering the road, the cars and it was pretty much a white out!  Turned on the TV (cuz I was sure there would be an update) and having no update, I waited for Matthew’s bus.  It never showed.

So, I got all of them in the car and we headed to Riley’s bus stop.  I slid all over my road.  Got to the main road of the development and drove the bus stop but decided at that point it was probably safer to just drop Riley off at school since I had to drive Matthew.  Got to Riley’s school about 5 minutes before the early entrance and we waited and then I sent him in. 

It took me nearly 1/2 hour to do the drive from one school to the next.  As I got there I got a automated message that they were NOW cancelling school and if your child was already at school you could come pick them back up!!!  We passed no fewer than 2 buses stuck on the side of the road but I was able to make it back to the first school and pick up Riley.  They had the nerve to ask me who I was picking up and then to go get him but stop him from going to the car – until I proved with my ID that I could pick him up!!!LOL I looked at them like they were crazy!  and one of the teachers yelled…”I know her, I’ll vouch for her!”

Luckily the daycare was open for business.  It took me an hour to get to work trying to avoid all of the spin outs and craziness.  Driving tonight was fine but they are calling for snow tomorrow am and ALREADY school has been delayed 2 hours…

Yup…ready for winter to stop!

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