More snow…!*%!

Yup, we are getting hit again.  Two.weekends. in.a.row.  Can you say annoying?  This isn’t why I moved South (notice that capital “S”).  After last weekend, we had school cancelled on Monday…. on Tuesday…on Wednesday.  Finally the kids had school on Thursday – two hours late! – and mid-way thru the day they sent an email out asking how they would contact us if they had to send them home early today.  As we went home last night Riley was sure that school would be cancelled today.  I was all – NO WAY! They will try and start the day so they can count it in the 180 days of school and not have to have a make up day. 

This morning I woke up and there was not a flake on the ground nor moisture in the air.  On a whim, I decided to check the internet list – and lo and behold….CANCELLED!

So, I dropped them off at the daycare and ran into work.  Got all of the things I need to write my article.  It started snowing and so I got into the car to run to the other hospital to see a couple of patients …as I was getting to the other hospital the daycare called – they were closing at 1:00.  It has been consistently been coming down since then. 

This is more worrisome snow than last weekend.  It was so cold last weekend that the snow was dry and light.  This is wet and heavy.  All of the tree branches are hanging over.  I see alot of people losing power.  We usually do pretty well because the power lines are underground where I live but…

We are under a storm warning until 6 PM tomorrow night.  Pray for me.

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