Well, the snow continued all day yesterday.  We stayed in and watched it fall.  Addison wanted to go out in it but the wind and howling snow were not enticing to me…(and it’s all about me anyway right?! – and the snow wasn’t the reason I moved South!)

But, luckily, this morning dawned sunny with a blue sky and crisp air without windchill.  I did a little food prep and made about 60 waffles.  Around 10:30 I got up and got the girls dressed and got my boots on.  Riley got up from the computer and came out with me and started helping me shovel.  We borrowed another shovel from a neighbor and started.  It took about 1 1/2 hours.  After about 1 hour, I D*R*A*G*G*E*D Matthew out there too.  He was none too happy about it but I finally got him to use the shovel like a snow plow and kept him out with me until I finished. 

It actually was warm shoveling with the sun shining.  Hopefully the rest of the cars and the driveway will melt before tonight.

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  1. Looks like we’ll get a repeat of this next weekend!




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