Another snow day…

on the weekend.  Mother nature seems to really want to allow the kids to not miss school this year.  turns out Monday is a school holiday.  So, even if we get the foot they are predicting, we should be able to dig out to the main road by Tuesday!

Snow in Richmond is pretty rare.  I don’t think we have had more than one snowstorm a season (and often not even that one a season) since I have lived here – almost 20 years.  The forecast for snow has been coming for the whole week.  It was hard to believe on Wednesday and Thursday when the highs were in the 50’s.  I made the obligatory run to the grocery store on Thursday  – to buy bread and milk – in case we were stuck for a couple weeks!

Last night it was cold and the sky was gray and the city was getting ready to hunker down.  I woke up at 3:00 am and there wasn’t any snow yet but when I woke again at 7:00 am there was a dusting.  It’s been snowing pretty consistently since that time and we now have a good 4-5 inches and higher snow drifts.  The wind is howling and blowing it everywhere. 

Last night we went to the boys cubscout meeting.  At the entrance, they gave out the prizes for the POPCORN sale.  Both boys got a mini-marshmallow shooting bow for filling up the whole order sheet (30 orders).  They also both got a prize for the amount of $ they sold.  Matthew got a remote control car which – well – didn’t work.  It only goes backward and the remote doesn’t affect it.  He was highly disappointed!  Riley got a real bow and arrow – not really sure how he got me to allow him to pick that! 

The kids have been up since 7:00 and are getting a little snowbound!  I’ve cleaned the kitchen mostly and have made a batch of marshmallow treats.   After lunch, I think some energy will be released by having a marshmallow war! 

Pray for me…

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