The boys are doing great on their basketball team.  Both of them seem to be listening and – even Matthew – is paying attention to the coach when he tells them to do something!

Riley is not the tallest on the team but he is close.  He really has been paying attention to the coaching about staying with your man and playing defense.  He is really cute to watch as he trys to stay in front of him!

I love the arm bands that help them to identify the  man they are covering.

Matthew actually caught sitting quietly on the sidelines!  He is doing well but I couldn’t get a motion picture of him!

Meanwhile, yesterday was the Pinewood Derby Race for their scout troop. 

Can you tell which of the cars were ours?  I am not that good with a saw!

Riley is a little nervous to have his picture taken!

Matthew was hoping the trophy was for him but alas, it was just for the pictures. 

The girls got into the act in the end!

It has been a busy weekend.  hopefully we will all fall asleep fast tonight!

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