Somewhat annoyed…(and a good Kroger run!)

I got out of work at around 4 pm today.  Traffic was light given the whole MLK holiday and so I decided to stop at Kroger to get the essentials I need for the week.  We were almost out of milk and that was the highest priority.  I am also running out of frozen waffles and so needed a dozen eggs to put into the batter.  When I got there, I found several gallons of milk on sale because the sell by date was 1/22.  Since they were going in the freezer or immediately into batter, I didn’t care.  I scored 3 gallons of milk for $1 each!!!

Eggs were on sale for $1.99 for 18 and so I picked that up and I also bought some bananas and finally I bought some ice cream and butter to round out the trip.  Ended up spending only $15 for everything I need to make the meals for this week.

We had chips and bean dip for dinner tonight.  3 out of 4 kids loved it.  It was too much for Matthew but he had a taste and then ate chips and milk.  We got a lot left and so should be able to have it for lunches or for left over night!  The kids are really excited about having ice cream for a snack later.

So, as for the annoying….well, I got to Tuckaway around 5 pm and all 4 kids gave me a hard time about getting there “early”.  and then since we got home, they have been sniping at each other and fighting.

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  1. Been awhile since I checked in on you. like the new look.
    My son would always be mad when I came to pick him up too! I want to stay and play mommy!
    We would have serious talks about how it hurt my feelings not to be happy to see me, how would he feel if I acted that way to him, why couldn’t he first at least say hi before he started whining about playing more?
    Now that he is in 3rd grade, most days are better. Don’t get me wrong, he still want to stay and play, but at least he now says Hi, before whining 🙂


  2. I finally got caught up on your blog. The kids are in kids church right now…I went to the early service and now have a few more minutes to finish catching up. Enjoyed seeing you and the kids … my kids are still talking about how much fun they had. 🙂


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