Lazy, hazy, Sunday…


Lots of projects on tap for today…

First off:  Breakfast for the kids.  Even though they seem to like them, I am getting a little sick of waffles.  And besides, we need to buy eggs before I can make another big batch.  So, I saw this recipe last week for Baked Doughnuts and thought I would try them. 

The dough goes together pretty easily and after the first rise, I cut them up into small size and laid them out on cookie sheets and put them in the fridge.  This morning I woke up early and took them out of the fridge and put them out to warm up and rise – and I went back to bed.  By the time we all got up about 2 hours later they were all fluffy and so it took about 15 minutes to heat up the oven and cook them (they take 10 minutes to cook). 

They were a somewhat different consistency than fried doughnuts and definitely are lacking that “fried taste” but…they are very fluffy and the kids liked the frosting on top.  We have enough to have a few days worth and I think they will be a good distraction. 

Second big project was to do hair cuts.  The boys hair was really out of control and it has been on my list of things for the last two weeks.  so I finally got the clippers and scissors out and did it.  I think they came out good even if I do say so myself…

Matthew couldn’t be coerced to put down his dsi for the few seconds it took to pose! 

Of course at least Matthew did come out from behind the couch! 

The girls insisted on getting haircuts too but both have also told me they want to grow long hair to put in a pony tail too!  So, I just trimmed the bottom off of both of them.

And here is Addison…I wish her hair would get a little thicker.  She still has that wispy, completely flyaway- stuff.  I am tempted to give her bangs but she really wants to be able to put it behind her ears like Logan so…

Next on tap is lunch and then painting the pinewood derby cars.  I need to do a little grocery shopping, but we have enough to go for a few days so I’m going to try and plan on doing it on the way home from work instead of taking the kids with me.

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