Week 3 Eating from the Pantry

We’re eating from the pantry this month and trying to use up what we have.  Part of this is making sure I have a plan for our dinners – since this is directly related to whether or not I will be tempted to stop at McD’s (or something else)  after work. 

Last week I did pretty well with staying with the plan and on track for the budget.  So, here is this weeks installment.

Saturday:  Left-over barbecue meatballs or pork chops with fruit and vegetables

Sunday:  Beaded Turkey Cutlets with mashed potatoes and corn cheezy rotini and broccoli (this was a TOTAL hit! – all of the kids were done in – like – 5 minutes!)

Monday:  Homemade tortilla chips and bean dip

Tuesday:  Chicken Marsalla and noodles

Wednesday:  Spaghetti with meatballs

Thursday:  Bacon and Eggs and Fruit

Friday:  Pizza night

Looking at what I have in the freezer, looks like all I will need to shop for this week is fruit, milk and juice.

This entry will be linked to Menu planning monday on Organizing Junkie.

Categories: Baking Days, Family, Freezer Meals, Mothering 4

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