Today was the 2nd game of the season of the Upward Basketball league the boys are in.  Since it didn’t start until 12 noon, we had time to get dressed and return the redbox movie from last night.

One of the things I like about this league is that they do not keep score.  They make sure that all of the boys play the exact amount of time and they “pre-test” them to assess their level and then they match them to kids on the other team who are similar in level.  After each game they give out “stars” for various things (and each child gets a star).  They also have a prayer during half – time.

After last weeks game, Riley was very disappointed in his play.  He is a very competitive boy and he was upset that they didn’t keep score and complained that he didn’t get to play all of the game.  Then today as we were driving there, he started in again about how it was lame.  I pulled the car over and told him that I was really upset with him.  I told him that he was lucky that I had paid to get him in that league and lucky that he got to play at all!  I reminded him of all that had happened in Haiti this week and how there were plenty of kids who would love to be playing basketball this week – whether or not they kept score!  He got really quiet and so we drove to the game. 

On the basketball court, he was ON FIRE!!!! I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but it was like he was a different kid.  He started off the game by getting a rebound and running it down the court and getting a basket and then stealing the ball and running it down again and getting another basket!  Everytime he was in he got baskets and …not only that, but he was passing the ball to his teammates too. 

Matthew got a couple baskets again – and almost got one in the wrong side!  He enjoyed playing and the two boys got the “offense” stars!  Apparently on his team they prayed for the people of Haiti during halftime so I am pretty sure our talk also got through to him. 

Here’s hoping that he will learn a little sportsmanship as well as basketball!

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  1. When we die we become ‘stories’ in the minds of other people.


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