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…seems almost sacrilege to talk about everything we have and complain about what I am doing “without” in our quest to save money and pay off my debt — what with the pictures of destruction and abject hopelessness in Haiti the last few days…

So, think it is a day (days) to practice my thankfulness.  I’m going to lay just a while longer with my kids as I put them to bed tonight.  I’m going to kiss them a few more times and tell them how thankful I am that they “saved” me – from a life of loneliness (and freewheeling singlehood).  I’ll enjoy more their sounds of contentment when I made a simple meal – that they all loved! I will be thankful for my job – despite its frustrations and for my home that is warm despite our unusually cold winter.  I will be thankful for friends and colleagues who prop me up and make me laugh. 

And I will pray…to God who I don’t talk about alot on this blog but who I believe and trust will help us (the World) get through this tragedy and whose plan we don’t understand…to keep us safe and to deliver the people of Haiti gifts of miracles, peace, and health.

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  1. Sue, What a thoughtful, beautiful post. I agree wholeheartedly.


  2. Beautiful. Thanks for mentioning God and giving Him glory and thanks. We certainly owe our good fortune to Him for being lucky enough to have been born in this great country. There but for the grace of God go I….


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