Day 12 eating from the pantry

Today was a pretty good day.  I was pretty busy at work and didn’t get to the daycare until nearly 6pm.  So, I was happy that I had a plan for dinner.  I popped some chicken nuggets and tater tots in the oven and started cooking up my pot stickers.  While those were cooking I opened a can of peaches and …Voila!  a kid friendly dinner that takes no time at all. 

Going to get the dinner for tomorrow in the crockpot before bed so that I can just put it into the pan in the morning.  plus now I have school lunches for the boys put together so hopefully we can save that money!


Update, ginger orange pork chops are in the crockpot pre-browned with onions cooked.  The house smells great.

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  1. How do you manage your crock pot cooking? I always want to do it, but I don’t ever have room in my fridge to get everything ready and just leave it there and then put it on the warming station in the morning… and lord knows I can’t get out of the bed early enough to prep everything and get it going before i go to work!


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