5 thumbs up…

We’re eating from the pantry and I committed to some better meal planning in order to keep to my budget.  Today I spent $4.50 on mushrooms and didn’t buy anything else since the only other thing I needed (bananas) were small, not ripe and expensive. 

Tonight I made Chicken Mushroom Chowder.  I used frozen brown rice that I had cooked and frozen in 2 cup portions.  I had some frozen homemade chicken stock and used the stock from cooking the chicken breasts.  I did add some garlic salt and salt and pepper to the water I was cooking the chicken breasts in as well.  It came out really good. 

The two girls “helped” me with the last step putting milk into the cooked chowder to thinken it up even further and they sat down and ate a cupful without any fuss.  Riley and Matt were coerced to put down the DSi’s and came to the table.  Matt asked if he had ever had it before and exactly what was “chowder”? but then he ate some and said “mmm”  “I like chowder”. 

So, 5 Thumbs up!  And the good news is that there was enough left over to fill a gallon ziplock and we will have it again next month!

Categories: Baking Days, Freezer Meals

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