Meal Planning for Sanity…

We’re eating from the pantry this month to try and use what we have.  When I have had plans for eating for the week it has really helped my stress level.  In the fall I was doing well at planning out our meals and it not only helped my stess but also my budget.  Unfortunately, I have fallen off the wagon so to speak.  Now that the boys are playing basketball, that adds another dimension to the “what’s for dinner challenge” – even if it is only 1 night a week.   So, I really want to try and get back on track. 

So, here is the plan for week:

Saturday:   Baked Ziti – Lasagna  from the freezer with craisins

Sunday:  Chicken Mushroom Chowder

Monday:  French Toast made from Cinnamon – Craisin Bread (in the Bread Machine) with turkey bacon

Tuesday:  Chicken Nuggets / french fries for the kids and Potstickers for mom

Wednesday: Gingered Pork Chops in Orange Juice  (I’m going to try and cook it in the crockpot after the initial browning) with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Thursday (Basketball practice so we need something ready for when we get home!):  Barbecue meatballs in the crockpot served with brown rice and vegetables

Friday:  Pizza and movie night!

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