Busy day but looking forward to a slow end of the weekend…

Friday night we got home around 6:30.  There was a huge traffic jam on the way home and I tried to detour around it but – I think – I hit every light along the way.  I got to the daycare exactly at 6:05pm – just in time to not get a penalty.  The kids were in a good mood and we drove home with minimal squabbling.  I decided to use the rest of the tomato sauce to make a pizza. 

I have had mixed success with the kids eating the pizza I make lately.  I decided to make it with this white whole wheat flour that I found on sale before christmas.  I mixed about a teaspoon of chopped Garlic into my standard crust dough.  I used a little more sauce that I usually do and topped it with 3 cups of italian mix shredded cheese. 

Well, all of the kids loved it; Riley had 3 pieces and we ate the entire 14′ pizza.  It’s gonna be hard when he is a teenager! I’m gonna have to make 2 pizza’s for pizza night. 

I got a free Redbox movie code the other day (in the email they said that some of the machines in my area had been full last week  and some people couldn’t return their movies and so they were giving us a free code).  We decided to get the “Santa Buddies” movie.  We watched it while eating the pizza and leftover carrot cake from the recruitment lunch.  Yum!

This morning after we got up and ate breakfast, we had to get dressed for the first boys basketball game.  They are playing in a league called “Upward”.  It is run through churches and it really has been good for both boys so far.  Today both boys did a great job.  Matthew got two baskets – though they don’t actually keep score and Riley did a good job of defending. 

Afterward, we came home for lunch and then got dressed to go to the VCU men’s basketball game.  Our seats were right near the band and so it was perfect!  The girls liked dancing and watching the cheerleaders.  Matthew loved the band and the noise and Riley watched a little of the basketball. 

We got home just in time tonight to eat dinner and put “Santa Buddies” back on.  Tomorrow I need to get a babysitter and try and go into the hospital to see patients. Ugh!

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