the week in review…

I am participating in the “eat from the pantry challenge” this month.  I have committed to spending only $150 on groceries this month.  I have spent $60 already buying some staples and fruits and vegetables.  This week I cleaned out the freezer and took stock of what I have. 

For dinners we had: 

Saturday night:  Chinese food

Sunday night:  Chinese food (left overs)

Monday night: Mac and Cheese

Tuesday:  Steak and mashed potatoes

Wednesday:  Left-over Chicken Marsala with rice

Thursday:  Lasagna from the freezer

Friday:  Pizza and Carrot Cake (from recruitment lunch)

I am in the process of planning meals for this week.  We have some frozen baked ziti which will be tonights meal and will plan a couple of meals from the crockpot.  I have a loaf of bread in the bread machine now for french toast one night.  I plan a short trip to the grocery store tomorrow to pick up banana’s and a couple other fruits but really don’t need anything else!

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