New Years Eve

It is the eve of 2010…

…speaking of which…

…are you going to call it “twenty-ten” or “two thousand and ten”?  I kind of like “twenty-ten” – think all the cool people are going to call it that – but…well, just saying.

I had planned an evening of movies and popcorn.  I asked the boys if they knew what we were supposed to do tonight and neither of them had a clue.  When I told Riley we were supposed to stay up till Midnight and kiss our loved ones – well he turned it into staying up all night!  And he didn’t comment on the kissing part!

Then we got home after renting two movies and the dvd player was broken.  It is about 10 years old and has been ejecting the disk much about 20 times before it would load.  We actually haven’t used it in over a month.  At some point in the last few months I had thought about buying myself one (0r a blu ray player) but haven’t wanted to spend the money.  But, the plans for the night would be ruined and so we all got back into the car and went to Wal*Mart and picked up a blu ray player and the HDMI cord and came home.

There were a few moments of terror anxiety when I couldn’t see the back of the TV to find the HDMI ports and with the kids running around screaming and making me more anxious.  Finally I did get it working! 

Dinner was ham and popcorn and fruit.  We are watching the exciting finale of G-Force as we speak.  And after that we will have ice cream for a snack.  I doubt any of us will be able to stay up for midnight but we’ll see.

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