…in some ways I am glad to see it finish.  It has been a tough year for me and my family. 

Financially, we have been struggling to get above the expenses for Addison’s adoption which were much more than expected.   As a consequence, I have tried to become a much better steward of my money.  I’ve learned to say no – to my wants and whims as well as those of my kids.  I’ve clipped coupons and cooked wholesome and healthy meals – at home instead of getting fast food.  I have made a significant dent in the expenses and hope to finish paying off a big chunk with my tax refund!  Along the way I have also been working on a savings account – something I haven’t had in many years.  I am so lucky to be employed in a field that is “relatively” recession proof but am thankful everyday that I have a good job and salary and will, with time, get over these expenses.  The rewards from Addison’s adoption so outweigh the anxiety I have struggled with and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be her mom and to get to see her grow into a beautiful little girl. 

I had to re-think (again) child care choices after the “au pair” experiment crashed and burned in late 2008.  And through it, I was able to get to know and rely on people at the kids daycare who showed me that they care deeply about my kids – and that they were willing and able to see past rules and regulations to work with me to make it a safe and loving and growing environment. 

I got a new boss who has stretched me in ways that I hadn’t foreseen.  It has been a struggle learning to communicate with him in a very different way than I did with the previous one and, while I am not sure I am yet comfortable, still…change allows us to examine and identify what is important to us and I have learned things.

My kids have grown more than I could have imagined.  Each in their own ways and in their own times.  But, everyday I can marvel at what they are becoming.  Riley has become a young man who alternates with a small boy.  I can see immense maturity in his future – I just might not survive the trials to get him there!  Matthew has had a great year and continues to grow.  He amazes me with his compassion and sweet heart.  Logan has definitely needed this extra 6 months before going to school.  She still has a lot of tantrums and jealousy but I see improvement in the last several months.  The daycare is working with her and she really tries.  Of course, she continues to grow more beautiful almost daily and we have to try and get her to believe in herself as a smart girl too!  And Addison…well, she has just blossomed into a confident, sassy, bright little girl – okay sometimes too confident and too sassy! – but she is loving and friendly and smart too!

I look forward to a 2010 with lots of progress and love. 

Happy New Year

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  1. I like your summary — your year in a nutshell! Yes, your children are beautiful and amazing, and I shudder to think what might have happened to them, particularly your oldest, had you not followed your heart and brought them home. Your trials have continued to strengthen you, although, you were already incredibly strong. I admire your perseverence and your resilience. Happy New Year!


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