Christmas day…

..Riley awoke at 6:45 and climbed in my bed – he hadn’t yet looked over the landing to see all of the presents.  Something about my reminded him and he ran to the landing and jumped in my bed seriously happy that Santa had indeed – against all odds – despite his behavior – come and given us presents. 

…The rest of the kids woke up and were assembled on the stairs and then there was the mad rush to the presents.  I think it took about 7 minutes total.  There were many many squeals of delight!

I believe every package has been opened, batteries inserted and most work.  We did have one casualty – one of the DSi’s.  Matthew was thrilled with his DSi making the decision to give it to him afterall the right one.  He was even gracious enough to let Riley use it for a large portion of the afternoon. 

For Riley’s part, he was remarkably calm about not being able to use his.  There were a few creative answers given about why we could return it to Walmart –  if Santa brought it – and another one or two about why it couldn’t go back to Target then!  And then some disappointment that Walmart would be closed on Christmas Day.  He was incredibly gracious when Matthew allowed him to use his and even gave him a hug and kiss that was unsolicited. 

For Addison, everything was wonderful.  She LOVED everything but became very crabby and grabby with other’s toys.  On the other hand, she played with her dolls, her baby, and especially loved all of her tights and the sparkly shoes she got.

Logan was thrilled with her leapster – unfortunately, all of the others (Addison, Nina) wanted it too and it was the source of many fights and skirmishes about it.  She also loved the purse and small lipsticks, bracelets, and knick-knacks that Wendy and Pat gave her.

Riley, loved his (albeit) broken DSi.  He also loved the games and clothes (which were too big for him unfortunately).  Wendy and her dad had spent 4 hours putting together the basketball hoop system last night and brought it in the afternoon when they arrived for dinner.  We put it on the side of the house and then I asked the boys to come out and help Wendy bring in the packages she had brought.  As they were trying to come in the house through the side door (complaining the whole time) they ran into it.  It was incredibly easy for them to believe that we had just stumbled upon another present from Santa (which of course he couldn’t bring into the house because it was too big!). 

Matthew loved everything.  I made him wait about an hour (while it charged) to use the DSi.  He loved his basketball and his tractor as well as all of the small cars.  But, he spent hours playing the DSi…playing games but also exploring the other options, taking pictures and making art out of them…recording me screaming at the fighting girls (or his – becoming hoarse from a cold – voice).

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