Decision made…

…and ultimately it was an easy one. 

Last night I was laying with Riley as he was falling asleep and asking him about what he was excited about for Christmas.  He proceded to fold his hands on his belly (like he was praying) and said…

“Dear Santa” (I said, you don’t pray to Santa…you pray to God)

“Okay, okay…as he put his hands down on his lap..Dear Santa I have been a pretty good boy this year and I would like a DSi, a drum set, and some games for the DSi (Super Mario Bros).  I would like a black DSi or a blue one. 

…and (again with the hands in prayer)…Dear Santa, can I have a DSi a black one and can you get a DSi for Matthew so we can download together. 

Yup, he is a great brother  – well until he is shooting nerf darts at his brother’s face.

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