digging out…

…looks like we got just a dusting after I had done my shoveling and the reports are that the roads are mostly passable now.  I think the kids and I will head out to Costco to buy some supplies for Christmas dinner (and to get out of the house). 

…tomorrow I am going to try and sneak home for a while and wrap presents.  Hopefully i can get it done before the kids start being too curious.  Riley has already tried to go in my closet.  I had to tell him under threat of death that he wasn’t to go in there because “I” bought a present for them and I didn’t want them to see it before Christmas and that if he went in there, I would bring it back. 

He spent several tempting hours in my room yesterday playing my computer.  But luckily his presents are high up on the shelf and in shipping boxes from Amazon so I am pretty sure that he didn’t see anything if he went in there and everytime I check he wasn’t trying to peek. 

He has a present for me that he has put under the tree  – that he must have made at school and he is so excited to have me open it that he keeps asking me.  Yesterday evening he went under the tree to see if it was still there (as if i would have opened it to peek inside?!). 

They are all upstairs “playing” and i will have to go see what they are up to soon but it is nice to have a few seconds to myself!

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  1. I totally understand! We actually got to go sledding down the hill at the end of our cul-de-sac. They can go to daycare for 3 days this week — I need it to finish up!Maybe we can “catch up” soon. It was good to see you last week, and yes, I missed being able to just talk. 🙂


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