Are you out there?

The snow is still falling.  We have gone out a couple of times and I shoveled around the truck so we could get out tomorrow…maybe?! 

Addison and Logan were SCREAMING when they were out there because they would sink into their thighs and it was hard walking in certain areas.  Okay, it was a little annoying. 

We made some gingerbread to try and make some houses.  riley rearranged his room …or should i say, he asked me to do it.  Then he harrassed me.  then he started asking me every 5 minutes to help him.  He was finally successful but I am ready for putting them all to bed. 

I made some rocky road chocholate bark.  It is good but the girls who are the only ones who are eating it keep holding it in their hands and letting it melt all over the place. 

I started some chicken soup/for chicken and dumplings in the crock pot.  It will be dinner tomorrow.

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