Tonight the boys had their second basketball practice.  It started at 5 PM and that is a time where the meds have started to wear off –if you know what I mean—but they did great. 

Matthew has refined his underarm alley oop in the last 2 weeks into a one arm sideways sling – INTO.THE.BASKET!  In the beginning they just did some practice shots and then the coach got them to sit down and he went over some drills.  Matthew was a little fidgety – and he didn’t want to give up his basketball for the demonstrations – but when it was his turn to do the drill, he did it correctly.  So, he was either watching all the other kids or he was listening to the coach – either way I like it!

Riley was very serious.  He listened intently to the instructions and followed them.  During the scrimmage, he got a basket right at the end.  I can’t wait to watch a real game.  I think they are really going to get better over the course of the next few months. 

Tomorrow is the last day of school before the holiday.  I was supposed to take the kids to MCV Daycare for a sleepover but they are calling for snow and ice tomorrow night and I put in a call to the organizers about whether we are going to do it or not – given the forecast.  I just don’t want to be driving back and forth downtown in an ice /snow storm.  One of the kids was rebelling against the idea of sleeping over.  Wonder if you can guess which one?

Riley:  he is afraid for me to be out of his sight these days and (in his mind) he is too old to stay with the other kids.

He was more than happy when I announced that the sleepover was cancelled.  I guess I will have to do wrapping next week.

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