Christmas Show

at Daycare…

Just about the cutest thing you have ever seen. 

Addison’s class sang Feliz Navidad.  Okay, 3 year olds can not say that – never mind sing it.  Truly funny.

Logan’s class sang 2 songs.  All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth and I want a Hippopottomus for Christmas.  Logan was great singing and doing all of the hand motions. 

Two more nights.  of the week. we are doing the sleepover Friday night and I am hopeful that I will get some wrapping done and can confirm that I have everything.

Next week I am going to pick up each of the kids from the daycare and take them out to shop for the brothers/sisters at the Dollar Store.  Last year we went together and it was tooooooooooooo stressful having them all 4 running thru the toys and wanting to get something for themselves.  I think they will get it this way much better.

***Here’s a link to the show from the daycare website.  Addison is in the Green Birds and Logan is in the Yellow Birds classes.****

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  1. Did you videotape it?!


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