Christmas preparations

Well, the Christmas preparations are well underway. We have a very busy week scheduled this week and I am hoping that we will make it through unscathed.

Over the weekend I made some sugar cookies.  they came out pretty yummy and they look okay…not professional but good enough for government work (and I work for the government!).

Monday we had our (now) annual exploration of the mall and dinner with my friends Steve and Kristen with their now 3 year old.  The kids loved the walking around the mall and my 2 girls got to sit on Santa’s knee.  Addison was so funny because she was sooooo excited and she kept pulling on his beard (she has so little exposure to beards!). 

Today the photographers for the daycare are bringing their equipment for an afterhours photo shoot for the families.  we each get a 15 minute slot for Christmas pictures and they they will have the computers to display the “proofs” for us to order pictures to be delivered next monday.  I was so excited when they told me about it because I haven’t had time to make reservations anywhere to get our annual family pictures.  So, I am sitting here getting ready to get dressed and bring clothes for the kids to wear and go.

Wednesday they are having the annual Christmas sing-a-long at the daycare at 6 pm so we will go because the 2 girls are performing.

Thursday the boys have basketball practice.

Friday the MCV daycare teachers are having a sleep over to raise some money for Christmas.  I am going to take advantage of a night on my own to get some wrapping done!

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