Baking Day.

I was able to get some shopping done yesterday afternoon (without kids so it was power – shopping!).  I hadn’t been to the grocery store since the first week in November so we were down pretty low on fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Kroger was having a pretty good sale and I was able to go through my recent coupons and pull enough to combine with the sales to get a $225 bill down to $150.

Today I needed to get some things made and had planned a few freezer filling activities.  By 11 am I had made a triple batch of waffles.  The kids ate 8 and another 50 or so are in the freezer for breakfasts during the week.  Then I cleaned up and started making some of these rolls I made a few weeks ago.  I made them even more wheat (6 cups whole wheat w 4 cups white flour).  Kroger had some lunch meat on sale and I was planning on making home made hot pockets.  While it was rising, I took out the meat and cheese and also assembled and pan fried 9 beef / bean burritos.  The girls ate 1/2 for lunch and Riley and I each had 1.  The rest were wrapped in foil and put into the freezer for mom’s lunches. 

Then I started assembling the hot pockets.   By the time I was done, I had about 20 ham and cheese and 10 roast beef and cheese sandwiches.  These were individually wrapped and then put into the freezer (for lunches for the boys and me!). 

While some of them were cooking I put together a loaf of bread to use for french toast for breakfast tomorrow.  I don’t use my bread machine much but thought I would use it so that I wouldn’t have to knead and form the loafs.  Unfortunately, the bread recipe was too big for the machine and it kept shutting off because it would raise the lid as it was rising.  I used the roll dough and had cut it in half.  Next time I will cut it in 1/3’s for the machine.  Still, it smells good and for French toast it doesn’t have to look really great right?!

After quiet time (well, mom yelling and the kids not being quiet time!) I climbed up into the attic and pulled down the Christmas tree and decorations.  the tree is up and all of the lights work (Praise the Lord).  I am too tired to decorate but maybe tomorrow morning it will be something the kids can help with. 

I have some leftover spaghetti sauce and ricotta cheese so I will make some baked rigatoni for dinner and then we have the cub scout POPCORN party. 

I am putting some tomatoes and material into the crockpot now to make some spaghetti sauce overnight and then I think I will make a couple of freezer dishes tomorrow and I think we should be okay for the rest of the month.  I am hoping to make some cookies next weekend so we can send them in with the kids for their teachers.

Right now it is snowing out! –  big giant flakes! We are excited!  Good thing it is Saturday and it is supposed to be 50 degrees out tomorrow.

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  1. Lord, I wish I could get in your freezer cooking habit!


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