It has been a struggle already today but I am trying to keep a good attitude.  Woke up to realize that I had forgotten to take milk out of the freezer…and then with us leaving after tuesday, it is probably better for me to buy milk for the two days instead of wasting a whole gallon.  So, powdered milk for the kids who needed it for cereal and …waffles for the others.

Then, while I was making syrup, Logan throws a fit for some reason and then throws a toy down the stairs – as I am pouring sugar into the pan and…you guessed it…sugar all over the stove and floor as I jump to the sound of the toy hitting the floor. 

We’re waiting for Steve to come pick up the boys and take them to the park to run off some energy.  I’m going out with the girls to buy a basketball hoop and bring it to Wendy’s house so she and her dad can bring it over on christmas eve. 

Still trying to plan and finish washing clothes for the trip up north.  Ugh.  Laundry.

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