Getting ready for the trip…

Today the girls and I went out while Steve took the boys with his son Jackson out to burn off some energy. 

First we went to Target to get a waffle maker since when I pulled my waffle iron out this morning to make some waffles for the trip…It was broken.  So, I was looking at the 3 or 4 machines they had and ultimately went for the $10 one!  It makes square ones and we have been having round belgium type for the last year and I wanted to see how it would go. 

Then we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Santa is bringing a basketball hoop for the family and I wanted to take the time without the boys to buy it and then bring it to Wendy’s.  She and her dad are going to assemble it and bring it over on Christmas Eve. 

We stayed for a little while and Addison wowed them with her hula-hoop skills.

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