A night with the boys…

Cubscouts has been good for the boys – in a lot of ways.  Riley loves the interactions with other boys and he has been really happy to do the tasks required to complete his badges.  Matthew also is doing remarkably well with it. 

And mom…well, I have been taking the time to do things with just the two of them after the meetings each month.  It is amazing to me the different dynamic there is with just one or two of the kids around.  Two months ago we went to the movies afterward.  Matthew still talks about the movie and how Riley fell asleep during it (it was late) and how we saw one of the daycare teachers there at the end.  Last month we went out to a bookstore and then for ice cream at Friendly’s.  So, last night we went bowling after the meeting. 

The first game was the most fun I’ve had in about 2 months.  Matthew was having a blast and I was too.  I was relaxed and happy.  Riley was a little bit of a pill because he wasn’t doing as well the first few frames, but then he started doing better and so he also was having fun. 

The second game went downhill…Riley started off really bad and he started pouting because Matthew was winning.  Then he started fighting with Matthew and recounting all the things he did better than Matthew.  By the 4th frame, I had banished him to the outside table and he could only come for his turn.  Then he started putting his head down and “crying” about how no one liked him…That is his current coping mechanism if he isn’t winning, getting what he wants, doing what he wants, getting his homework right…it is tedious.  At the end of the game, I just paid and walked out and yelled at him to get in the car. 

things I am thankful for:  all of the extra work I have been doing the last few months that finally has come through with a little extra money with which to take my kids bowling and have some fun with them. 

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