Stressful day…

RAN to work this morning to get there by 8 am (and made it by the skin of my teeth) so I could talk for a few minutes…only to have my new boss usurp what I was going to say…only in a much worse way than I would have (if I do say so myself!)…then sat through the rest of the meeting that was upsetting and designed (despite what they say) to put the physicians in their place and make sure that we know that we are “owned” by VCU.

Ran from there to my office to pick up a white coat so I could get my picture taken for the new directory – a stressful thing above and beyond the whole picture taking annoying part of it.  Since I am in two departments, it is always a real pain to have to argue with people who have no idea what I do that they need to make sure that I have two different titles and that I (because I have two different appointments) need two different pictures in the directory.

Then rounds.  Nearly a record of Ped’s ID patients I think!  And sick.  at least there weren’t many (any) new ones!

Then rush back to go to a meeting in preparation for a site visit for one of my grants.  Only to listen to an annoying co-worker who thought we could “sample” the three years data that is wanted by picking all of the data from the last calendar year – the year that she has entered into the database and that we then wouldn’t have to go back and enter (what should have already) been entered from those years.  Okay, and then argue with me that …that was really not what sampling meant and that I really didn’t think we should do that and, yes, she was going to have to enter the data from the previous years by, yes…Monday!

Then, rush home to read at Riley’s class.  I arrived as he was going to the nurse (again) for a stomach ache and so I sat with him for a few minutes while the rest of the class finished lunch.  Reading went well – almost fun and then ran home to write my notes from the patients I saw and finally

Headed to Matthew’s school to meet with the school social work as part of Matthew’s triennial evaluation to make sure that he still meets eligibility for special education.  Can you say annoying!?  It took nearly 2 hours with her asking every question in the book.  I was waiting for the family dynamic questions and…yup, she is a woman my age who isn’t married and who doesn’t have children and so I got the “how do you do it?  I can barely keep myself together and you are busy with work and…” UGH!  really why do I have to justify my decisions to a school social worker …didn’t I do enough of that in the homestudy process and process and process!

The only thing good is that she has promised to send me her report before she files it.  Hmm wonder if that means I can change it?  A collosal waste of time and energy given that I can’t imagine how they would ever consider denying Matthew based on learning disabilities as well as other health impaired.  UGH UGH UGH!

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  1. Okay, take a deep breath. I hope you are off this weekend!


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